In this course we will share everything you need to know about finding and bringing home your family milk cow, caring for your cow, breeding and calving, plus so much more! We will share our highs and lows over the last 6 years of having a family cow and streamline the research process we have done. If you have ever wanted a family cow and don't know where to begin, or are currently in the market for one, or have one and need to know how to care for them, this course is for you!

Raw milk here I come!

& raw butter too!!

Topics covered in the course

Where to look for a family milk cow

Questions to ask when purchasing

Bringing your milk cow home

Infrastructure for a cow


Breeding and calving

Calf Sharing

Milking your cow

& more!

Hand milking our family milk cow
Milking lolly

Includes Resource Guide of the Following

-Cheese making supplies

-Supplements for cow

-Udder balms and Mastitis supplies

-Milk testing labs

-Becoming a herdshare

*This course is in Video format with categories *

Hi there friend! We are the Vaughan Family!

My name is Jenesse! Along with my husband Nathan and our four kiddos ranging from 18 months to seven years, make Vaughan Family Farm!

We are so excited to share with you all the things we have learned since bringing home our first milk cow six years ago. Neither my husband or I grew up on a farm and we both had never milked a cow. We jumped in with both feet and made mistakes along the way, mistakes we hope you won't have to!

We hope this course will streamline the process of looking all over the place for information about your family milk and give you confidence in adding one to your homestead.

Happy Milking!

-The Vaughan Family

Our Family